How to Get an Excel Assignment Help

It has happened to everyone at one time or another. You are working with Microsoft Excel, and you can’t figure out how to carry out a particular task.

You have several options available to you to help you get unstuck. There are several ways to access the help feature built into the program by Microsoft. There are also numerous other resources that offer Excel Help for users.

Use Built-in Excel Help

Included inside Excel 2007 is its help feature. This huge database of information includes step-by-step instructions, videos and tutorials on thousands of queries.

Pressing the “F1” key will open Help in Excel. The “Help” dialog box opens with a search box at the top, where you can simply search for a solution to your problem. For example, if you need help printing, you would type “printing,” and Microsoft Office will supply you with a list of possible solution links for you to try.

From the “Help” dialog box, you can also access Microsoft’s online help feature, where you can find additional information.

Free Help

If you haven’t found what you need from Microsoft Help or Microsoft’s website, try one of the many websites offering assistance with Excel 2007. For example, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has a free Excel 2007 help page on their website,, where you can review the topics listed to find the help you need. offers free online tutorials for computer programs, including Microsoft Excel 2007. The site lists topics by categories, and you can scroll down to find the item you need assistance with. You will then get clearly laid out instructions with helpful graphics. is another website that offers free assistance for Excel 2007 users. offers free videos showing site visitors how to perform functions in Excel, which is very helpful for those who are visual learners.

Paid Help

If you have still not found what you need from Microsoft Help or free sites, you can get assistance from resources you purchase. Sites such as will provide users with an expert they can ask questions of for a fee. For example, if you have a question about printing gridlines in Excel 2007, you would type your question on the site. Experts then reply with their best answer. If you accept the answer, you pay. The prices vary from expert to expert, usually anywhere from 1 to 5 dollars.